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Reduce pain and keep
your body in tune 

Pat Bourke Osteopathy

Welcome to Pat Bourke Osteopathy and Injury Rehabilitation

We are one of the Central Coast’s premier pain and movement centres. Incorporating massage, stretching, manipulation, dry needling, exercise prescription and evidenced based advice into all treatments, 'Osteopath Pat' can keep you moving and performing at your peak. 

What Pat Bourke Osteopathy and Injury Rehabilitation can treat and offer to patients 

Be it a long or short term injury, the following presentations listed below can be addressed with Osteopathic treatment. Massage, stretching, spinal manipulation, gentle joint mobilisation and dry needling is incorporated into your treatment. This offers patients a complete holistic approach to their osteopathic session.

Osteopath spinal manipulation
Osteopath Massage
What we offer
Osteopath Central Coast Neck and Back Pa

Neck and 

Lower Back Pain

Osteopath Central Coast Migrane.png

Headaches and Migranes

Osteopath Central Coast Muscle Strains .

Muscle and Ligament Strains

Osteopath Central Coast pregnancy.png

Pre-natel and

Post-natel pain 

Osteopath Central Coast tennis elbow.png


Osteopath Central Coast arthritis.png

Arthritis &
Joint Pain

Osteopath Central Coast plantar fasciiti


Osteopath Central Coast sciatiica.png

Sciatica and 
Nerve Pain

In the case of injury rehabilitation, 'Osteopath Pat' also specialises in Exercise Based Pain and Injury Rehabilitation Plans. These can be developed and managed as part an ongoing health and wellbeing plan. Each plan is individually tailored and suited based on age and fitness.


And or for those interested in sports, particularly running, at the Back to Heath Centre where the practise is based, a Running/Gait Analysis using state-of-the-art video monitoring equipment can be conducted. Analysis provides valuable information that allows your Osteopath to identify abnormal movement patterns that may be causing pain or impacting your running efficiency.

Pat Bourke Osteopathy Back to Health Cen

Get back up and running as soon as possible with the help of Pat Bourke Osteopathy & Injury Rehab 

Pat Bourke Osteopathy and Injury Rehabilitation is located in the Impact Centre 19 Chetwynd Rd, Erina. The Back to Health centre opened to cater for the growing health care needs of the people of the Central Coast. It’s location, in the heart of Erina CBD, makes it very accessible to many people. The practise recognises the importance of the connection between all of the body systems. These systems include the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs. A dynamic approach that combines osteopathic treatment, dry needling (acupuncture), and exercise prescription is used in the management of pain and dysfunction. Movement classes and running analysis’s held by our experienced osteopaths are conducted at this centre. 

Health Services offered at Pat Bourke 'Back 2 Health Centre'

 The centre's aim is to help restore balance and improve function in people's lives.


Osteopathy and Injury Rehabilitation

Incorporating massage, stretching, manipulation, dry needling, professional clinical based advise and exercise into all treatments, 'Osteopath Pat' can keep you moving and performing at your peak.

Back to Health Exercise Classes R.jpg

Back 2 Health Centre

Exercise Classes

Stay active and keep you body in tune and running well with one of our centres health classes. 


Catering for all ages and levels of ability, a weekly or fortnightly session can benefit the the body and mind greatly.

Running Gait Analysis Assessments R.jpg

Running Assessment

'Gait Analysis'

Using state-of-the-art video monitoring equipment  to review performance and overall speed and running efficiency, this professional analysis often assists with identifying potential future injuries involved with highly repetitive body movements.

Is Osteopathy the right approach for you?

Osteopaths are very thorough in their treatment approach. They recognise the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions by focusing on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, connective tissue and internal organs function as an holistic unit.

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